This page reflects on the web presence of myself (Pete Whitfield) and my students (NC Music at City College Manchester). (06/07)

Each year, I put an increasing emphasis on encouraging my students to build a web presence that becomes an electronic (and public) protfolio of their learning, interests, networks, creativity and development.

My spaces.
elearning for music blog - reflecting on technology in learning, including podcasts on working in music.
realstrings blog - used as a 'latest work' record for my freelance work as a string arranger.
google docs - used for collaboritive work with other teaching staff and grade tracking sheets.
Flickr - a small variety of student, home and work photos. The Flickr slideshow.
Moodle - the VLE for CCM, split into FE, HE and staff.
Myspace - promoting my freelance work and networking with professionals and student bands.
Classroom 2.0 - a network (Ning) of educators with a passion for elearning.
Last FM - main benefit is access to streaming audio of commercial music, to embed in web pages Here's a bit of Muse; see embedding media)
Facebook - networking with students and professionals (an area where my teaching and music work cross over).
Podcasts - just a few to start with. Much of my professional development comes from receiving podcasts (EdTechTalk, Education AU seminars, ETS talk, Moving at the speed of creativity) and blogs (through the 'My News' rss aggregator in Flock).
And this wiki for some reflection, research and reporting

Student spaces.
Moodle - feedback about benefits and improvements.
CCM Music - a Ning network to promote interaction between different student groups at CCM and facilitate media publishing (audio and video). To be launched in September 2007.
Facebook all slightly scary.
Myspace -
Photobucket (don't have the link)
YouTube -