Many self-publishing spaces allow you to embed media. Here are a few tests.

Last FM - playlist player. Click on a track name to here a 30" segment.

Last FM - individual track Un-Cut MIDNIGHT - M.I.S.T. V.I.P. REMIX
Own mp3

YouTube video

embed mp3 from a server

I used this code <EMBED SRC="" WIDTH=145 HEIGHT=100 AUTOSTART="false">
Another single song embed Kill Hannah - Under The Milky Way (Album Version)
I got this updated Last FM code from

The new wikispaces media player - from an uploaded mp3!

And from an uploaded mov.

An image, uploaded to wikispaces.
Oops - I cropped the image a bit. This is a .png file, taken with Shift-Apple-4, then drag over the area you want to capture. A file is created on the desktop called 'picture1.png' - rename it accordingly.

Animoto offers an instant video service - just upload your photos and music and the Animoto engine creates a fancy slideshow in a Flash player. Funny thing; when I use the embed code from the Animoto page I can't get the file to display here. But when I add it to ning, then use the ning embed code I can!
New table features.