Blogs - there's more to blogs than online journals.

Like wikis, blogs are essentially just an online writing space, but structured in a way to encourage a timeline of entries. It needn't be a journal or diary; it is more typically used as a space to publish thoughts and reflections, inviting discussion from readers, a part of your online identity. It is generally possible to embed media in blogs, but they tend to be more limited that wikis for this. for example, only allows embedding from certain video sites, so many widgets are not allowed. I use a wordpress blog for my work as a string arranger at

Micro-blogging has evolved too; Twitter allows short posts. You follow and are followed by other users. Like instant messaging it is more informal and instant than blogs, more like chit-chat. I'm not a twitter convert! However I do use it as a kind of status or news update, as it is easy to embed your twitter box, as I have here. This allows me to add simple news updates on any page where I have a profile (such as my website, myspace, ning networks etc.)
Here's my Twitter feed.

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Here's a video tour of blogs for musicians.