Wikis - a great online writing space.

Wikis are designed for collaborative work (wikipedia for example), but they're just as useful as an easy to manage online writing and resource spaces, such as this one. They may not look swish, but are simple (and free) to create and manage. It's a space to publish your work, one that others can benefit from and contribute to. You choose your space name and create as many pages as you like. Embedding media is an appealing feature of this service (wikispaces) which is enormously valuable for musicians. In fact, this wikispace is more embed-friendly that most blog spaces, which is why 'elearning for music' is not a blog space.
On the 'embedding media' page are a variety of sound, video and image files, either linked from other sites (like YouTube) or stored in this wikispace (like jpegs, mp3s and movs)
And every time someone edits a page the revisions are logged and a 'history' recorded, making it easy to return to a previous draft at any time.
Here's a link to a video tour of wikis as I use them.

And here is a more traditional rationale for wikis.