Study Songs - a project in development.

I am fascinated by how music is presented (for learning and appreciation) - there is more to getting inside music that listening to music in a linear form or looking at the score. The current prototype is here and the listening resources that were part of the early development are on 5 pages on this wiki (see the links to the left).

The Study Songs project started in 2002 as I dabbled with ways of presenting the analysis of a song online. I used 'Shooting Star' by Tinman - a student song, released by RF Records, and spent many hours playing around with presentation and content. I learned so much from that experience, making videos, images and resources. I made 2 main errors - it had no assessment materials (questions and interactivity) and I had a coding nightmare, for my knowledge of html, Flash, Quicktime was basic and embedding media was shaky.
The full version of the project was 113 mb (on CD rom) and I did a cut down version for the web. But looking back at it I'm pleased with the content - I managed to get 'inside the music'.
My next development was with the help of Chris Savage - a real web programmer, and he helped me with a song player that made web presentation of music both simple and suitable for learning sessions. It presents an overview of the song's structure and easy navigation to the start of each section, so if you want to ask a learner to compare verse 1 with verse 2, the 2 points in the song are instanly accessible.

The project was further developed with the help of some LSN training and funding, and I hope to continue this work.