RSS - or why google is not boring.

I was a child of the Monty Python era of anarchy in comedy and one of the great sketches was 'why accountancy is not boring'. It still helps me remember why I want to be a musician to this day.
Maybe the same sketch in 2008 would be 'why google is not boring', 'cos however much I dress it up, there is nothing sexy about google, BUT once you get into some of the services it offers (beyond searching!) it does have some stonking great tools for us.

One of these is 'google reader'. Reader is an rss tool that aggregates (or pulls together) content from all over the web that you choose to follow. My reader is set up to follow updates on sites about the music industry and how to adapt to changes. Things like New Music Strategies and Audible Hype, where I learn loads from the posts and discussions.

If you don't have a google account, go to and set one up then follow the links to set up your own 'reader'. Here's a video that explains it better than I can.

RSS stands for either Rich Site Syndication or Really Simple Syndication or something - it's a common service that websites offer that lets you follow updates on their sites without having to keep going back to them.