Music Language - because it's interactive online!

The start of my elearning journey was A Palatine funded project to create interactive tutorials and assessment activities for aural skills and music theory. Some of them are available on Inside The Music, though a server upgrade (and new version of PHP software) means that many need re-coding, so have been taken down for now.

The resources are built with a combination of html, Flash, php and javascript. Video tutorials use a screen capture tool called Jing (see Cool Tools). I undertook Inside The Musicas book resources in a web world seemed lacking in that crucial element of music - sound! The web offers a stage to pull text, images, video, sound and interactive assessment together in one place.

I've had a lot of use from these resources. The video tutorials are rough and ready but easy to make - a useful recap and revision tool. All the assessment exercises auto-mark, and many are set up to send data to me, not only results but how many times a student attempted a question and their wrong answers before getting it right!

For an example, try this music keyboard exercise about intervals. Or this aural and theory exercise about triads.

Tutorials on the site come in a number of forms, from Flash resources (here's one about chord qualities) to tips within assessment activities (try this exercise about scale spellings) to screen capture videos. This video is about constructing 7th chords. (Made with Jing.)

Video tutorials - I believe music professionals have an obligation to share their practices.

Chord Function

The theme from Mission Impossible - a musical analysis.

C and F# - are they related?

Introduction to string arranging