CCM Music Moodle Project - 07/08

Take a video tour of a Moodle music course.

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PW has funding from an elearning project (through JISC and Bolton Uni) related to eportfolios. It was quite generous funding and there is money left in the pot that PW would like to use to promote elearning within the music team. (Moodle 06 - 07 is my reflection of a year with Moodle - main points are in 'conclusions'.) I envisage using the funding for my own time, interested part-time staff and tech support (Chris Savage).
Support can be funded for any member of the music team during August, September and October that relates to the project aims and outcomes. In practice, support would be assisting preparation of Moodle sites, devising online activities and helping in the classroom.

Project Aims
Use web tools:
  • to embed elearning into course structures
  • to engage students with media rich activities and digital tools.
  • to extend learning beyond the classroom.
  • to facilitate networking and collaboration between all CCM music students and staff.
  • to promote student-driven learning.
  • to facilitate user-generated digital content.

Project Outcomes
By the end of the project we will have:
  • Increased sustainable use of moodle and web 2.0 tools within the music team.
  • Developed the digital skills of all project partners.

You can use this support in any way you wish, as long as it relates to the project aims and contributes to the project outcomes.

Elearning makes its best impact when it solves a problem; when it facilitates a learning experience that would be impossible (or impractical) without the technology. One of the key benefits the technology offers (and this is still overlooked) is allowing the students to do things online, together. This can give a voice to every learner, stimulate interaction, digital media skills and peer support, as well as generating loads of evidence.
Feedback from the 1st year with Moodle on NC Music Practice highlights 2 main benefits the students identify: reviewing recordings of practical work (and commenting on their own and others) and the efficiency of writing online. From a teacher's perspective, I believe their are other benefits too; evidence, extending learning beyond the classroom, efficiency (in monitoring student work and collecting evidence), student-lead activity, differentiation, engagement, community-building, easy communication 24/7.
Some suggestions.

Help movies:
Drag and drop files on the ccm music idisk for easy sharing with staff and students. Might be best to download this rather than view in a browser so you can make the screencast big enough to see the detail
Adding a teacher in your Moodle area.
Enrolling students for the first time in Moodle.
Online text assignments - a screencast about setting up an online write space for assignments in Moodle.
Adding a YouTube video to a moodle page.
Uploading files to display as web pages (such as Powerpoint presentations). (MOVIE COMING SOON, when I can summon up some enthusiasm for Powerpoint))

..assessment evidence for...
Moodle glossary
Students provide the definitions and examples (musical and technical terms)
any subject that requires knowledge and application of terminology.
Ning profiles
Digital CVs, publish music, video and writing for peer review
self promotion, collaboration.
Discussions on music business and music in society issues
Music business and music in society.
Forums with video / audio
to review video recordings of practical sessions, gigs.
Performance and creative subjects.
As a diary or writing task.
Project work
Writing online
Essays and reports, written, stored, published online, including hyperlinks and multimedia
any researched, written work.
Song analysis/listening skills activities.
Aural skills, listening skills.
MediaSnackers is an organisation that analyses the trends of new media. This short video demonstrates how the now generation use media - their expectations (which should extend into learning).

....and Martin Moscrop gets in with the new web tools.

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