Pete Whitfield

Guest lecture topics.

I'm a working musician with a passion for learning and educating. Although I have no direct involvement with teaching anymore, I do occasional guest lectures and this page lists some of my special areas of interest and experience.
Contact me on 07958 708661 and at pete[at]
Skype - realstrings

Arranging for strings.

Most of my professional work involves arranging music for strings.

"Getting beyond that keyboard string thing."

"Creating an arrangement - how to formulate a cunning plan"

"Writing effectively for string instruments"

Social media for musicians

I'm certainly NOT a social media expert! I'm a musician who lives and breathes the social web in my own learning, business and social life.

"A musician's online identity"

Score preparation

It's not composing, it's not recording, it's not performing, it's a bit in between!

"Score Prep - from midi to notation"

Musical analysis

"Getting inside a piece of music, and learning something from it"

Music Language

"Harmony - it's a beautiful thing"