Reflections on the 1-to-1 laptop trial run in 07 - 08 with NC Music at CCM, using 11 MacBooks.

1-to-1 laptop schemes put powerful tools for learning, creativity, productivity and self-management into the hands of learners. This trial used NC Music (07-08), a group of only 11 learners. Attendance (and consequently success) on this course was poor, though there is no evidence to suggest this was related to the 1-to-1 laptop scheme.
The programme has had its problems, with 4 of the laptops suffering damage. Quicktime malfunctioned on 3 of the computers and we found no simple solution to this other than a complete re-install and students did not want to lose use of their laptops while this was done, so opted to find work-arounds.
In their feedback, students highlighted the value of the laptops - self-organisation, productivity and creativity were the main benefits.
There are a variety of examples of creative product that the laptops facilitated, as well as evidence of increased IT and digital skills.

Alex Hughes's YouTube video. Sound recorded with Garage Band, video with iMovie.

Carl Booth - Invocation to Satan. Don't be put off by the title! Carl has assured me this does not represent a worrying trait in his character. He produced this with Garageband and iMovie.

The college Moodle site for NC Music is littered with mp3s produced with the laptops.
Here's one.

Students feedback about the 1-to-1 laptop scheme.

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Students feedback about their changing web habits, in particular using Moodle and Web 2.0 services.

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